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Elite 200

Elite 200
Elite 200

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1 year warranty

Elite 200 is a digit panel meter specially designed for dual-source energy metering.It has two registers for recording, separately the energy consumption from the mains and auxiliary supplies(such as a diesel generator).

It also provides load control so that the supply can be disconnected if the load exceeds a pre-set limit.This is particularly useful for installations where the auxiliary supply has a lower capacity than the mains.

The Elite 210 variant provides Modbus communication over RS-485 for online monitoring applications.




  • Accuracy class 1.0 and 0.5s
  • Separate energy registeration for mains and backup supply(such as DG)
  • Forwarded energy registeration in case of current reversal
  • Accurate readings even at very low current
  • Compace DIN 96 panel meter
  • One pluse input for switching of metering between mains and DC
  • One pluse output for load control (load monitoring based on average load over the last 60 seconds)
  • Power On/Off hours recorded for mains supply and backup supply
  • Time of day tariff registeration with maximum demand and billing history recording
  • Optional RS-485 Modbus communications (floating point as per IEEE-754 of hexadecimal format)
  • Self-diagnostic displays for checking connections
  • Meter configuration through push buttons, including CT primary value
  • Optical port for local and remote reading
Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year warranty


  • Metering of dual-supply installations (mains and backup generator)
  • Load control applications
  • Online monitoring systems
  • Commerical and industrial sub-metering applications


  • Open-circuit protection for external CTs
  • Easy interfacing with external devices through pulse I/O
  • Minimal installation costs through easy fitting and detachable connectors
  • Cost-effective online monitoring
  • Helps consumers monitor their consumption
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