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Brochure Liberty 150

Brochure Liberty 150
Brochure Liberty 150
108,800 MMK

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1 year warranty

Liberty 150 is an intelligent single-phase prepayment energy meter that provides real-time and historical information on consumption and accounting.It supports a wide range of tariff facilities, including automatic calculation anddeduction of arrears.

The interactive in-home display (IHD) combines convenience with flexibility, by using wireless technology to communicate with the meter.This enables the consumer to transfer tokens and to monitor electricity consumption in real time, without having to interact directly with the meter.

Liberty 150 is supported by a web-based vending system that is highly secure, flexible and easy to integrate with utility and payment service provider's systems.

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  • Automatic calculation and deduction of arrears
  • Intutitive in-home display (IHD) provides wireless communication with the meter
  • IHD enables consumer to transfer tokens to the meter and view consumption in real time
  • Two-line display on IHD guides the consumer through processes such as token entry
  • 'Friendly credit' facility, ensuring no disconnections outside office hours
  • Audible low-credit warning from the IHD prompts the consumer to 'top up'
  • Emergency credit facility prevents disconnection if the consumer is unable to top-up in time
  • Programmable 'high load' alert helps the consumer avoid disconnection due to overload
Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year warranty


  • Domestic metering
  • Commercial metering
  • Temporary connections
  • Government establishments


  • Reduced overheads - no need for costly and problematic monthly billing
  • Improved revenue - receive payment for energy before it is consumed
  • Effective and efficient load managemen, through load switch in the meter
  • Quick and simple tariff implementation at site
  • Arrears calculation and flexible recovery options

  • Electricity can be purchased according to need
  • Facilitates energy consumption monitoring and budgeting
  • No uncertainty about consumption and bill
  • No late payment or reconnection fees
  • Supports multiple vending options, for quick and easy purchasing
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