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Liberty 100 (Prepaid Meter 1Phase)

Liberty 100 (Prepaid Meter 1Phase)
Liberty 100 (Prepaid Meter 1Phase)
136,000 MMK

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1 year warranty

Secure Meters has developed Liberty 100 single phase smart electricity meter to meet UK smart metering requirements.
Liberty 100 has modular architecture for both WAN/HAN enabling multiple communications options to be deployed. The modules can be replaced in the field so that investment in the meter is protected even if communications technology needs to be changed during the life of the meter. The communications module acts as hub for communication to head end system and to the gas meter / In Home Display.

The meter and communications hub are capable of remote firmware upgrade after installation to allow features and functionality to be changed.

Liberty 100 supports both Credit and Pay As You Go (PAYG)

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  • Meets requirements of SMETS1 and SSWG
  • Four-quadrant measurement with import/export registration
  • Time of Use / Complex Tariffs and Maximum Demand
  • Logging of multi parameter load survey, billing data, events including power outage and abnormalities. Integrated contactor
  • Multiple WAN communication options – GPRS, Mesh Radio, Long Range Radio
  • Liberty 100 communication hub acts as coordinator for Zigbee HAN and mirror for gas meter data
  • Power line HAN communications option available for tall and difficult building solutions
  • Credit and PAYG modes (meter maintains account and tariffs)
  • Keypad to enable local entry of Pay as You Go token if WAN not available
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade (not metrology)
  • Optional low voltage connector for external communications hub
Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year warranty


  • Smart electricity meter with communication hub for dual fuel (electricity + gas) and single fuel (electricity) domestic customers in both Credit and PAYG modes
  • Metering for small commercial premises including Credit and PAYG modes
  • Import and export metering for local generation


  • Modular communication module allows multiple WAN and HAN options for different communications providers
  • Simple installation, registration and pairing process
  • Remotely switchable between Credit and PAYG modes
  • Assists consumers in reducing energy consumption
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