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Power Transformer

Power Transformer
Power Transformer
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1 year warranty

Most of the transformers supplied to the Market by LS use core Type Technology. They are mostly used in customer application as generator step up and system intertie power transformers.

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The power transformer is a static inductive device that can step the voltage up and down to transfer electrical power efficiently.


Winding types and methods that offer the least loss were selected using magnetic field analysis, and also used in the LS Industrial System’s Power Transformer to ensure high levels of efficiency. Moreover, by selecting the optimal insulating structure through the electric field analysis of insulation between turns, sections, windings and phases, the Power Transformer's electrical stability is achieved. LSfluent analysis technology has enabled the realization of an optimal cooling system, and 3D structure strength analysis has enabled a structural design that can withstand internal mechanical power short-circuits caused by system faults, seismic conditions according to external impacts, and the impact of transportation. LS Industrial Systems’ Power Transformer factory is equipped with the latest core processor machines, the latest winding machines, high-capacity vacuum heat drying equipment, state-of-the-art cleaning facilities, and has the best test room.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year warranty
Wiring Diagram


Applicable Standard IEC 60076 / ANSI(IEEE) C57
Installation Outdoor / Indoor
Frequency[Hz] 50/60
Thermal Class[℃] 105(A)
Winding Temp. Rise[K] 65
Oil Temp. Rise[K] 60
Cooling Method Internal ON / OF / OD
External AN / AF / WF
Max. Voltage(kV) Up to 550
Capacity(MVA) Up to 800 for Three Phase
Up to 300 for Single Phase
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