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Susol Busway

Susol Busway
Susol Busway
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1 year warranty

The modular designed and type tested Motor Control Center type Solution 2000 satisfies the ever-increasing demand for high performance, high reliability, safe operation and versatility required in industrial facilities.

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Super Solution is created by the Combination of Susol Busway and LSIS products.
Improvement of industrial facilities and buildings
Reliable mass power system equipment
Efficient supply of high-quality electric energy
Power distribution system of the optimum which substitutes cable

Super Compact Size/Easy Installation/Reliability
The establishment area minimization of compact structures
Degree of protection : IP54(Indoor)/65(Outdoor)
High reliability by fire resistance and short time withstand current test
The environmental lightweight product applied by insulating tube of vegetability materials and aluminum alloy
Easy installation and repair by joint pack
Maximum current capacity : 7,500A (Cu Type)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year warranty
Wiring Diagram


Item Rating
Rated voltage AC1000V/DC1500V
Rated current Al 630 ~ 6000A
Cu 630 ~ 7500A
Rated frequency 50 / 60Hz
Short-time AI 2000A 121kA/1sec
withstand current 4000A 200kA/1sec
Cu 2000A 135kA/1sec
4000A 220kA/1sec
Wiring system 3W, 4W, 5W
Grounding Basic method grounding to housing
Maximum capacity over 200%
Grounding type housing : over 100%
Internal Type : 50/100 %
Resistance to fire AC 1000 V : 840℃ / 180min.
Degree of protection Indoor IP54
Outdoor IP65
Enclosure material High Strength Aluminum Extrusion (Thickness : 3 mm)
Insulation material Poly Amide · 66 (thermoplastic)
Conductor material Aluminum or Copper
Environment Altitude below 1000m
Ambient temp -25 ~ 40℃
Humidity below 97%
Allowable temp. Housing 55K
(IEC standard) Joint part 95K
Color of painting MUNSELL No. 5Y 7/1
7.5 BG 6 / 1.5
Standard IEC 60439 - 1, 2
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