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GH-P Type

GH-P Type
GH-P Type
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1 year warranty

Adoptable to factories, buildings and automated facilities requiring large-scale facility maintenance

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Seamless coating with thickness at least 1.5mm to prevent infiltration of water and moisture provides high quality insulation electrically and mechanically.

Compact and light weight

Totally isolated and compact size of ducts enable the saving of the facility space, which can lead efficient design.bearing compact and light.

Low voltage drop

The voltage drop is very low because the short distance between isolated conductors causes low reactance.

High short time current capacity

The mechanical strength to overcome the magnetic force between conductors allows the higher short time current capacity than that of standards, JIS and KS.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Small, light and one-touch joint system enable easy installation. No bolt connection required other than the standard connection. It’s also safe because all conductors are insulated.

Temperature rise

The temperature rise shall be made uniformly regardless of the bus duct arrangement - horizontal, vertical, flat and edgy-due to no convection inside.

Safe from fire

It do not cause the fire and ensure safety in case of fire because of the structure and the insulation material that is flame-retardant.

No noise

Solid structure does not make any noise that may happen by vibration due to current flow.

No influence of induction

Conductors are contacted together closely with proper insulation. Thus the leakage of the magnetic flux is too small to have influence on communication system.

No Holes in conductors

Joints are made without piercing holes of conductors.Clamping bolts do not run through the conductors in order to secure mechanical strength and electrical reliability.

Contact area

As Joint are made without piercing of conductors more contact area can be secured to rescue the resistance.

Joint by leaf spring

A spring material wider than the bus bar is used in jointing so as to ensure a constant contact pressure, which does not cause any unbalance of temperature rise and current flow.

No stress concentration

Providing very high reliability electrically and mechanically because of using high strength insulation spacers and removing piercing. holes in the conductors which may cause stress concentration at.the jointing area.

Ideal connection

To pursue the ideal connection jointing between conducts is made at the same time with that of between ducts.

Ease of installation and maintenance

One-touch joint system enable easy installation.
Checking the jointing area is possible without any interruption of the power.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year warranty
Wiring Diagram


Rated voltage AC660V, DC750V less
Rated current AI - Fe Type : 600A ~ 5000A
CU - Fe Type : 600A ~ 6500A
Rated frequency 50 / 60 Hz
System configuration 1P2W, 3P3W, 3P4W
3P5W (External Type)
Degree of protection Indoor Type : IP41 ~ IP42
Outdoor Type : IP55 ~ IP65
Weather - Proof : IP54
Service condition Altitude : Max 1000m
Ambient temperature : -20°C to 40°C
Humidity : Max 97%
Applied standards KS C8450, JIS C8364, IEC 439-2, BS 5486
Type General Type, Fine resistance type
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