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Premier 300 (2015)

Premier 300 (2015)
Premier 300 (2015)
544,000 MMK

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1 year warranty

Premier is a versatile three-phase CT/VT operated meter, designed for a wide range of LV, MV and HV measurement applications.

It supports flexible time-of-use tariffs for efficient demand-side management and provides enhanced event detection facilities. Premier 300 has a comprehensive range of communications options, including interoperable protocols (DLMS), for connectivity with backend systems for monitoring and billing.

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  • True four-quadrant metering
  • Import/export metering, with 'forwarded' metering option for LV/HV systems
  • Total harmonic distortion for voltage, current and active power (phase wise)
  • Distribution transformer metering events support, including high and low voltage, under and overload
  • TOU metering with maximum demand registration and automatic billing
  • Backlit LCD display with annunciators for various critical events
  • Scroll-lock feature for continuous display of a desired parameter
  • High-resolution energy display mode for dial test
  • DLMS protocol for meter reading, with optional remote reading port
  • Advanced event detection features for voltage, current and magnetic influences
  • Two metrology LEDs, for accuracy testing of different energy types
  • Meter reading in the absence of mains, using internal battery
Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 1 year warranty
  • CT and CT/VT-operated industrial and commercial billing
  • Remote data collection for billing and consumption analysis
  • Transformer metering, import/export metering and substation monitoring
  • A wide range for catering to various utilities requirement Ÿ High precision metering
  • Revenue protection
  • Suitable for doing load analysis and energy audit
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